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Dirty Dog was founded on the idea that the dog's paw is made for dirt. Your dog thrives most in a consistent and positive social environment. That is why we take pride in providing small social groups with familiar friends both two and four legged alike. We offer a unique and safe off-road experience for your canine companion. Rain or shine, we will take your dog to do what your dog does best; run, jump, splash and play.

  • We are licensed and insured to hike in the East Bay Regional Park District.
  • We serve most neighborhoods in Oakland and Piedmont.
  • With over ten years combined experience in the dog care industry, we are experts in every shape, size, breed, color and smell of our four footed friends.
  • Dirty doesn't mean we can't be green! We use biodegradable bags and recycled paper in limited quantities. We can't avoid driving but we use the most efficient routes possible when planning our course for the day.
  • Online invoicing, scheduling and payment system.